Below are some templates that relate to the best practices areas that I have discussed on my blog.

RACI Template – This template is used in conjunction with the Project Management Plan to define roles and responsibilities on the project team. The RACI defines for each project area / deliverable who is Responsible, Accountable, Contributing, or Informed.

project_budget template – This templates is used as part of the Project Budgeting process, as well as on-going tracking of actual costs. The Project budget template breaks out costs by category (labor and non-labor), as well as by month.

Stakeholder Analysis Template – This template provides a simple way to identify key stakeholders, capture their perspective on the project, and define next steps as part of the project planning process.

WBS Dictionary Template – The WBS dictionary is a helpful deliverable that provides further definition of Phases, Deliverables, Work Packages, Activities defined in a WBS planning session.

Project Status Report – The Project Status Report represents the key communication vehicle consistently utilized throughout the project lifecycle. This is a good template that includes descriptive narrative, as well as key project metrics.

Project Closure Feedback Survey – Survey tool utilized to capture feedback from key stakeholders during the project closure process.

Project Closure Report Template – The project closure report summarizes what was delivered, key performance metrics and feedback captured from project stakeholders.

4 Responses to Templates

  1. Thanks for this article, Im going to borrow a snippet of this info for my blog if that is okay with you, I’ll be sure to leave you as a reference to the source of info though.

  2. Patricia Nesbitt says:

    Hello Steve:
    I located your website as I was looking for a site to help me better understand MS Project and Project Management. I am a new project coordinator, at the elementary level of PM. I am very interested in this field and have decided to invest in becoming a PMP.

    Again, I am just beginning, therefore I have a long journey ahead of me. Thank you for providing EXCEPTIONAL information and content for the novice as well as the experienced learner. I look forward to visiting this site often.

    Note: This replaces the “poorly transcribed” message above.

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